Statues and Reclaiming Space-Time: A Focus on One Aspect of the Revolt in Richmond

Space-time cracking on May 30th in Richmond, VA

Do statues actually matter?

Richmond’s statues vs. Richmonders

The Rupture

May 30th, Richmond, VA, massive barricades set ablaze on Broad Street in a battle with police

The Reclamation

1890 Construction / 1890 Unveiling
2017 Banner Drop / 2020 Reclaiming

Where is time?

Black Quantum Futurism (Camae Ayewa and Rasheedah Phillips) IG: @blackquantumfuturism Twitter: @afrofuturaffair


Mayor Stoney at a dedication for a “Police Memorial Way” at the first anniversary of Marcus-David Peters’ murder by Richmond Police

Yet still…

The present remains unwritten


An Era of Ruins

The Red Tower (left) and Piazza D’Italia With Empty Pedestal (right) by Giorgio De Chirico



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