Statues and Reclaiming Space-Time: A Focus on One Aspect of the Revolt in Richmond

Space-time cracking on May 30th in Richmond, VA

Do statues actually matter?

Richmond’s statues vs. Richmonders

The Rupture

May 30th, Richmond, VA, massive barricades set ablaze on Broad Street in a battle with police

The Reclamation

1890 Construction / 1890 Unveiling
2017 Banner Drop / 2020 Reclaiming

Where is time?

Black Quantum Futurism (Camae Ayewa and Rasheedah Phillips) IG: @blackquantumfuturism Twitter: @afrofuturaffair


Mayor Stoney at a dedication for a “Police Memorial Way” at the first anniversary of Marcus-David Peters’ murder by Richmond Police

Yet still…

The present remains unwritten

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